The writer of this boutique travel blog is a transplanted Texan married to her adorable Dutch hubby. When they lived in Paris, France, she wrote the blog, gracefulparis.com. And now that they are calling India their new home, she will have lots of new stories to tell. (Sadly though, the pups can’t come to India for the year Grace and Leon are there. She’ll pick those two troublemakers up on the flipside, when they relocate to London in a year.)


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  1. Juhi

    Hi Grace!
    Came across your blog and experience at Kalari Rasayana – I’m thinking of going there myself and wanted to learn more about your experience/progress after leaving and if you ever felt the need to go back. Would love to connect and hear more about Ayurvedic journey.


    • Grace Birdsong

      I wrote 28 entries about Kalari Rasayana…one for each day. That will tell you literally moment by moment what my experience was like there. I love that place…can’t say enough wonderful things about it. It’s peaceful, reflective, attentive. Everyone there is 100% focused on your peace, health and inner happiness. If you are still in doubt…GO THERE!


      • Juhi

        Thanks so much for the quick response! I’m planning to visit Kalari Kovilakam in the fall actually – Rasayana is currently closed. Excited, anxious and hopeful that it addresses some of my health issues.


      • Grace Birdsong

        You will love it there. KK is a little more posh and relaxed…KR is more hard core health I think. Either way, you will love it there. Do not be too focused on results, just be present in each moment. The rest will take care of itself. Blessings to you.


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