Ayurveda Daily Journal – Day 13


Feb 15 (Day 13):
I have been having a maddeningly hard, heavy heartbeat for three days now. The doctor has been watching me very closely because of my heart issues, and I know I’m in good hands, but when your heart beats this hard for three full days, it makes you a nervous wreck. This afternoon, I had an experience that made me totally lose my cool. I felt so badly all day that the doctor had to cancel my afternoon treatment so that I could rest in bed all afternoon and evening. (I didn’t even have the energy to get out of bed for hours.)

At about 4:30 I decided to take a quick shower to get the oil out of my hair from this morning’s treatment. Ten seconds after I’ve lathered up my hair, the phone in my room rings. After about 10 rings, they hang up, and ten seconds after that, the phone rings again…10 more rings. Ten seconds after it hangs up that time, the phone rings a third time…10 more rings. I step out of the shower, wrap a towel around my wet hair but can’t find one for my body, so I run to answer the phone stark naked. Just as I get to the phone, the person hangs up. Then as I’m walking back to the bathroom (still naked) someone rings the doorbell to my room (the doorbell located next to the door with the huge window). It is at this moment that I remember that I’ve left the front door unlocked, so I scream “GIVE ME A MI-NUTE! I’M NA-KED!!!!” as loud as humanly possible. and snatch the towel off my head, wrapping it around my body to run to the door.

Turns out, the doctor had been the one trying to call, and since I didn’t answer, he was worried I had passed out…or worse. Long story short, I am now the crazy American who yelled at the sweet lady that came running to check on me when the doctor thought I was in trouble.  Not my finest hour…to say the least.

In the plus column, I’m one day out from the ghee treatment!  One weird thing: Even though I didn’t have any ghee yesterday, my taste buds were still in ghee overload. Everything I ate yesterday tasted like really oily fish, even the plain rice. I couldn’t eat a bite until dinner last night. Ack…it was awful. I’m much better today, though I’m absolutely exhausted. My heart feels so heavy — like it’s beating out of my chest. The doctor said it’s a combination of the stress from the ghee treatment and dehydration. Things are getting better every day, though. I just need to be patient — to hold on for about four more days. After that, the worst of this will be behind me. I can do that, right?

Dr. Sankar stressed the importance of letting my body rest a full three days because my reaction to the ghee was so severe. During that time, the ghee will continue its work in my system. On Friday, I will have my “cleansing day.” After the cleansing, things should be much more normal. I can hardly wait for the normal; just to eat a piece of fruit would be heaven. I am impatient by nature, but I’m learning to go more with the flow. At least I’m trying to learn it. In the meantime, I will be practicing patience, acceptance and relaxation…and letting the ghee do all the work.

“Remember, diamonds are created under pressure so hold on, it will be your time to shine soon.” — Sope Agbelusi


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    • Grace Birdsong

      Yes! It IS basically clarified butter, but it’s been infused with healing herbs for hours and hours. And everyone’s treatment is modified. If you have a history of heart attacks, they wouldn’t do it. But, I’m not gonna lie…this is INTENSE!


  1. Florence

    Wouaouu mon amie ! Quelle aventure ! You Are Amazing ! You write so well I’ m looking forward to readîng you and I hope you will feel reallly better soon espacially with your heart, I’m worried about you. Love you.

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