Ayurveda Daily Journal – Day 15


Feb 17 (Day 15):
There was the sweetest, silent ritual the other day; it was for the birthday of one of the patients. The man was in the dining room along with all the rest of us when a silent procession of about 20 members of the staff filed into the room…and over to his table. Each person was holding a tropical flower and as they approached him one by one, they would stop and quietly lay their flower on his table. Then, they would place their hands in the prayer position, bow their heads in blessing and slowly walk away. It was such a powerful, quiet testament to life and the beauty of aging that my eyes filled with tears. I thought to myself how blessed I am to be here…to have witnessed that. I know everyone else felt the same. Sometimes, I really do love this place.

7 am – Today is “cleansing day” also known as “purgation day.” (Trust me, it’s as scary as it sounds.)  In about an hour I will  go to the doctor’s office to drink a glass of a bitter medicine which will induce diarrhea and vomiting for the rest of the day and night. This is to eliminate whatever toxins are left in my system after the ghee has had a chance to do its work. I absolutely cannot believe I am doing all of this stuff by choice. Right now, I feel like a granola-crunching hippie with no common sense.

I have talked to a few people who have already been through the purge, so I know what to expect. Today, I have been told, will be my last really difficult day…Then things should normalize. I’ll be allowed to eat a piece of fruit in the afternoons again as well as have a glass of coconut water in the mornings. I will even get to have a bit of almond milk at night before bed to stabilize my blood sugar, so I can start doing yoga in the mornings again.

9:30 am – Well, I just drank the medicine for the purge. It’s called “Avipathy Choornam” which means “not dangerous.” That’s comforting.  Another good thing, it doesn’t taste nearly as bad as the ghee. The overriding taste is that of cinnamon, though it also contains cayenne pepper, black pepper, long pepper and a lot of other things designed to blow through your colon to get things moving.

11:30 – Been crying all morning…no idea why. The doctor thinks my pitta (fire energy) is too high.

12:30 – The doctor sent over some salted rice water to help calm down my pitta. Within 5 minutes, I stopped crying and felt completely normal. Maybe this guy really is Yoda…Who knows?

1 pm – I’ve been waiting for hours for this medicine to take effect. I’ll keep you posted, but I’m already starving.

1:30 – Still no fireworks yet.

2:30 – The doctor just gave me another dose of medicine, hoping that this one will “get things rolling.”

3:30 – The wait is over! Oh my gosh, is it ever over! I’m done with updates for today. Things will only get worse from here. I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

“Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.” — Saadi


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  1. Syndo David

    After reading your blogs, I now have mixed feelings on being the person responsible for recommending this to you… I will though wait for your final feedback after the treatment is over.

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    • Grace Birdsong

      Syndo, I was very, VERY sick. I have a lot of different issues and the doctor is having to weave through an obstacle course of symptoms to figure out the root causes of my problems. Please don’t feel guilty. I knew this would be hard. I was under no illusions that it would be fun or easy. Not to worry!


  2. Suzann

    You must have one strong constitution.. It seems no normal dosage will work!! So, that gives me faith that you will come out of this feeling great!! Enjoy your recovery!!

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  3. Grace Birdsong

    Yeah, it’s weird. The meds take a long time to actually work. The doctor said it’s because my absorption/digestion is sluggish. But my sensitivity level is so high that once they do start to work, it’s like a bomb going off in my gut. Yikes. Not a good combo. But, we’re finally starting to get a handle on it.


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