Ayurveda Daily Journal – Day 24


(Jan and me right before he left for the airport. He looks a little intense, but the sun was in our eyes!)

Feb 26 (Day 24):

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” — Amy Poehler

Jan left yesterday morning. We spent virtually every evening talking together since the day we met. He’s so positive and happy, so interested and engaging — what a remarkable man. I’ve been so blessed on this trip. It’s the best feeling in the world to meet a truly kind, compassionate, fun, interesting person, and then to get to spend hours just getting to know them better — what a gift!

I was fortunate enough on this trip to meet two remarkable men that I think may just be friends for life: Emil and Jan. (Thank you, Lord, for that little miracle.) I did get a bit blue when Jan left, but I know how much he wanted to get back to his gorgeous Italian wife. (I cannot begin to describe my joy whenever I see a good man utterly besotted with his wife.) Indu and I have been spending time together since Jan left, and that has been great…Girl talk is always fun.

I won’t know how much these treatments and medications have really helped my ulcers until I get back home and into a normal rhythm, but when Jan came here the first time over two years ago, he was in agony with gout, and he hasn’t had an attack since. In fact, many of the people who come here end up returning every few years after their first visit because their health is so transformed. I am holding on to that thought and trying not to worry about results. It’s tough to simply  “relax and breathe” when I feel like I have poured so much of myself into this process. But, since my “Aha! Moment” on Day 20, I know I have absolutely no control over the outcome, just the path that I walk…The hero’s journey is in walking it.

They punched me with the bags of mineral powder again and then poured milk on my head for an hour — same song, 46th verse. I have to confess, the only way I’m getting through the treatments now is by counting the days to freedom.

We are down to the home stretch! After today, I have only four more days left before I fly back to Mumbai. The rest of this week will be spent answering questions and fine-tuning what medications, pastes and pills I take home with me.

I will have to be incredibly careful with my diet for the first month. Otherwise, I’m told that I will get very sick. The food here has been very pure so my system has been able to heal. If I jump back into bad habits, I won’t be able to tolerate it. I sure hope I can be a good girl. Right now, all I want is grilled chicken nachos with table-side guacamole, lobster, Bubba’s fried chicken, an Outback cheeseburger with fries, Shawn’s barbecue beef ribs, a steak from Capital Grille, a loaded baked potato, a large coke, a bottle of champagne, chocolate soufflé and a cappuccino…all at the same time.

If you are interested in travel, especially trekking through the Himalayas, click on Jan’s company’s link below. (You can also see an incredible photo of him that was taken back in the 70s when he started his company. He could not look any cooler!) http://www.kamalan.travel/why-kamalan/the-travel-craftsman/


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  1. Suzann

    It is a real testament to the good works of this retreat that people come back for ” refresher” treatments. I couldn’t t help but laugh at your food desires!! Getting healthy needs to include nachos, steak and a burger!!! Oh well.. Good to know you really are doing well!!


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